Author: Akornanke

Truck Route Planning : How to Optimize Your Driver’s Routes in 2021

The transportation companies understand that the biggest hurdle in front of them is the truck route planning. Properly planning a truck delivery route is very hard work. Sometimes, even after a thorough route planning, you are still only able to save merely a few minutes. Therefore, the question arises whether it is worth it. You […]

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Modes of Transportation Explained : Which Type of Cargo and Freight Transportation is the Best?

Shipping and logistics companies are moving their goods across the globe on a daily basis. The biggest question they face everyday is which mode of transportation to choose to ship their goods. The whole shipment process needs careful planning as there are so many factors to consider before committing to a particular mode of transportation […]

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5 Keys To Selecting Your Commercial Vehicle Registration And Fuel Tax System: User Permission

In order to decide on a new software can be a challenging and difficult task. This is so because the transport department has innumerable administrative conditions for you to follow. But as per our experience, using commercial truck mapping software for the users across the US, there are certain basic things to keep in mind. […]

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